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Bruce Snyder - Geronimo Intro @ CSS

I was too busy listening to take really good notes in this talk. Over all very good though, a very high level overview of what is there and what has yet to mature. I really like Bruce's presentation style too, he did a great job of fielding questions (too many from me, thanks Bruce!). I highly recommend that you see his talks at Apache Con. Here are my somewhat sparse notes.

Snyder - why Geronimo - wire together the stuff to make a J2EE container instead of building from scratch (OpenEJB, Jetty, MX for J etc etc).

Installing Geronimo - use a maven goal and you can easily get it from the maven repo

Start Geronimo - use maven again (there are command line ways to do all this stuff)

Deploy to Geronimo - JSR 88 deployment tool again using maven, first distribute the doo-dad then start it up with deploy:distribue and deploy:start.

Stopping Geronimo - maven again

Geronimo Deployment Tool - JSR-88 deployment tool, deployment looks a bit like a POM file on the top, the gbean is where the real stuff happens. It uses inversion of control to define the deployment. The gbean has a bunch of attributes (get/set) and the deployment plan is where the attributes are set. You can specify references as well.

There is no command line thing to shutdown you app. To start java -jar bin/server.jar to deploy java -jar -deploy foo more but did not get it.

You can define everything to run your app in the code for you app (connection pools, jms queues etc) in the deployment plan which can then be version controlled with your app.

Logging is again controlled by a gbean and the innards of the gbean are just Log4j xml file stuff.

Spring Applications - no deployer yet that recognized spring.xml you can fire up an arbitrary collection of spring enabled services, register Spring enabled services, no GBean wrapper yet.

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thanks for the summary of Bruce's talk. For those who weren't at the Colorado Software Summit but who live in the Denver area, Bruce will give a talk on Geronimo at the Nov. 10 Denver Java Users Group meeting.

You can visit for details.

Posted by Tom McQueeney on October 28, 2004 at 11:23 PM MDT #

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