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Mac Dev Europe - Can't Wait

Oct 14, 2008 by Bill Dudney

The conference is finally public! I'm really excited, last European gig I did was for JAOO in 2006 back in my Java days. I'm really looking forward to being 'over the pond' again and esp pumped that I'll be talking iPhone and Cocoa.


Hi Bill,

I purchased your iPhone screencast and we've exchanged a couple of posts at

I'm based in NY and I can't find any iPhone course out here. I organized a couple of general training courses for previous employers in NY and I'm trying to raise interest in NY for a training course here.

I can't fins an email address for you so here's my question. Would you be interested in leading a training course?

I would handle your costs and fees etc. Please contact me directly. Thanks, Doug

Posted by Doug on October 15, 2008 at 10:38 AM MDT #

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