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vImage & Image Processing

Mar 22, 2012 by Bill Dudney

Last week at CocoaConf I went to Jeff's excellent talk on the Accelerate framework for the second time. After the first time I sat through it I promised myself I'd learn to hack on vImage just to see what's possible. The span between Raleigh and Chicago was enough that I was embarrassed that I'd done nothing. I went again and sat in the back and coded while Jeff talked. I was able to get a first cut working (filled with memory leaks and bogus image conversion) but that evening Jeff and I spent a couple of hours hacking around and making the code all nice and pretty.

I've done a bit more clean up and posted it to github here. It is not nearly everything I wanted to do but I figured if I posted about it that someone else might be able to take it further.

I blurred the faces in the picture. The image was taken at DisneyWorld in Downtown Disney at the LEGO store.

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